What have I learned from the participation in hackathon RailsRumble 2015

We have failed but don't regret

At the middle of November our small team have participated in the RailsRumble hackathon. Despite we haven’t took any prize we were satisfied by the process itself and had some fun during it. And after a certain time, I want to share my thoughts about how it was generally and what lessons I have learned from that participation. »

How to install python-libtorrent in virtualenv

And keep your system clean

Recently, I have needed to install Python binding for libtorrent (popular opensource C++ library, implementing the BitTorrent protocol). And everything would be fine if there was an PyPI package provided for Linux. But it’s not. In this article I will describe how to install this library from sources but without polluting system scope. »

Оптимизируем работу с изображениями для статического сайта на базе Middleman и GitHub Pages

Автоматизация рутины и кэширование для ленивых блоггеров

Запоздало поддавшись всеобщему тренду блоггинга и игры в писателей да технических специалистов, публикую свой первый пост! :) В нём я расскажу об одном из подходов к работе с изображениями для случая статического сайта, сгенерированного движком Middleman и размещённого на GitHub Pages. »